Sunday, March 16, 2014

Google Fiber - Phase II Fiberhood

I went to check out a fiberhood under construction in phase II for KC since I heard they were using different vaults this time.

Looks like they moved away from the NewBasis polymer concrete enclosures to Channell Corp thermoplastic enclosures. Grade Level Boxes (GLB®) for Broadband and Telecommunications

It may be hard to see but they were ordered with the green cover, no logo, stainless steel L-bolt on the large vault and plastic L-bolt on the small vault.

New large vault (Maybe not the best example for a picture - the rest I saw were placed with more care.)
New small vault

LCP with new thermoplastic vault.
This is the same Clearfield FieldSmart Fiber Scalability Center Cabinet that was used before.

The inside of a newly installed LCP. (Before the cassettes and fiber have been installed.)
The splitters are 1:16. This cabinet has 48 distribution fibers coming in that can feed 288 homes (aka access fibers).

Update 4/19/2015:

Outside view of new NID. Not sure if this replaces the old NID or if both are in use now.

Old NID OptiNID 300 DM000795
New NID 3M NID NID-FO-2724
Inside view of new NID before fiber has been spliced to the pigtail.
(i.e. first step of fiber being installed at a house)

Second step - fiber sliced inside the NID is shown on an older blog post here.

Update 5/21/2015:

Google Fiber is going back and replacing some (if not all) of thermoplastic vaults because of issues with vehicles parking on them and causing damage. New areas may be installed with only the polymer concrete vaults.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Google Fiber Kansas City Phase II Pre-registration Beginning

Phase II pre-registration will start on March 11th, 2014.

Cities included are:
Kansas City, North
South Kansas City, Mo

Deadlines to signup:
Sunday, April 14 — deadline for residents in 76 fiberhoods in south KCMO, Grandview & Raytown 
(Closed for registration now - all but two made it!)
Thursday, May 15 — deadline for residents in 34 fiberhoods in KCMO northwest 
(Closed for registration now - all but one made it!)
Monday, June 19 — deadline for residents in 52 fiberhoods in KCMO northeast and Gladstone plus 17 fiberhoods in Central KCMO and 4 fiberhoods in KCK that didn't meet their goals the first time!
All KCMO northeast fiberhoods qualified and 8 fiberhoods in Central KCMO qualified!

Map of cities in the KC metro area that have been announced officially for all phases:

Phase III (by process of elimination - 2014):
Fairway, Kan.
Leawood, Kan.
Lenexa, Kan.
Merriam, Kan.
Mission Hills, Kan.
Mission Woods, Kan.
Mission, Kan.
Olathe, Kan.
Prairie Village, Kan.
Roeland Park, Kan.
Shawnee, Kan.
Westwood Hills, Kan.
Westwood, Kan.

Phase IV (2015)
Lee's Summit, Mo

Phase IV+? (Cities that will probably be included someday but not announced yet):
Blue Springs
North Kansas City (The city)
Overland Park
Platte City
Pleasant Valley