Tuesday, April 26, 2011

APC SmartUPS Console

Anyone that's ever had the joy of trying to console into an APC SmartUPS probably realized they do things a little odd. Baud rate of 2400 and a special cable that doesn't work with anything else. I needed a standard rollover cable to DB9 pinout so I could make some adapters.

The top table here shows the pinout for DB9 to DB9, which I then used to make my adapter.
Cisco has a nice page here that shows what each pin does on a rollover cable, look for the table called "RJ-45 Port Pin-outs."

The adapter I used was part AD-9MT8-G1.

Here's a table that shows the pinout for the adapter:

Connect the pins as shown in the table then cut off the rest of the pins, don't connect them.

What the final adapter looks like before putting it together:

Note: This was my first test adapter, you should only have pins 1,2 and 9 connected.

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