Sunday, October 18, 2015

Google Fiber - Hardware Change for Basic Tier

Google Fiber's Basic Tier is their 5 Mb/s down, 1 Mb/s up tier that's free for seven years after installation.

Currently customers signing up for the Basic Tier have been getting the first generation Network Boxes (GFRG100 or GFRG110) from the stockpile that was originally manufactured. Sometime in the near future Basic Tier customers will be getting a different Network Box, the Mini Network Box (GFMN100).

Unofficial Specs:
One WAN port (With PoE to power a newer Fiber Jack GFLT110)
One LAN port
2.4 Ghz 2x2 WiFi (802.11n)

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rsaxvc said...

Also has a local serial console hidden inside.