Sunday, October 18, 2015

Google Fiber - Next Steps with the EdgeRouter

Ubiquiti's EdgeRouter is amazingly versatile for the price point. There's also a lot of documentation on their support and help center that covers almost anything you would want to configure.
Here's the link to the main documentation page:
EdgeMAX - Ubiquiti Networks Support and Help Center

I've put together a list of stuff I want to configure and I'll be creating a blog post for each one as I configure them.

Port Forwarding
Remote Access VPN

If you want to play with the latest and greatest features on your EdgeRouter, you can also sign up to join the version 1.8 alpha/beta testing group.


~J said...

Google is currently installing our neighborhood, I'm curious, is the modem easy to set-up an external router as the access point (netgear nighthawk ac1900)? I am also interested in any complications involved in port forwarding.


CompTech said...

By modem, I'm assuming you're talking about the "Network Box" or router/firewall that Google Fiber installs? There isn't a true bridge mode available on it if that's what you're asking about. You can shut off the firewall/nat/dhcp features on the Netgear Nighthawk and use it as a wireless access point behind the Network Box (as well as disable wifi on the Network Box.)

You can setup port forwarding with the Network Box but the port must stay the same. (e.g. Port 80 externally forwards to port 80 internally.)

~J said...

Thank you, you've saved me a lot of time already. Your reply is exactly what I needed to know. I've spent endless hours setting up the network in years past and this information is invaluable!